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Meet Wote Street People’s consultants:

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Like many companies, lockdown made us reconsider how we work. Not shy of adventure, we were hot off the press in finding and sharing new ways to keep productive and stay keep connected to our team, customers, and candidates.  Our new working solutions have worked so well that it got us pondering…Do we really need an office?

The unanimous decision is No!  Flexible home working works so much better for us and provides more availability to our team for customers and candidates.

So, as of July, the Wote Street People team all work remotely and flexibly.  We continue to have a hub at Basing View, but predominantly home is now our new office. Permanent remote working wasn’t something we’d really considered.  Yes. We’ve always been accommodating that work should be able to fit around our lives – the ability to work at home or working around family commitments – but now we’ve seen the light, there’s no going back.

We thought it would be great to connect you with each of our team of consultants – if you haven’t already, it’s always nice to put a face to the name and even better if you can delve a little deeper into what makes people tick and pick out shared traits that can make a winning combination when you’re looking to recruit or to find your next job.

Meet Matt, Tracy and Madelaine…Wote Street People’s recruitment consultants.

Matt Bennett

Matt’s been a member of the friendly Wote Street People team for over 15 years and works predominantly with customers looking to fill permanent roles and candidates seeking new positions.

Matching the right people to challenging roles gives Matt the most job satisfaction – and his success rate clearly highlights he’s an expert in his field.

An ideal customer for Matt is thorough and transparent in the delivery of the details provided about the role and company culture – this honesty ensures the recruitment process can remain at a steady pace.

Matt’s communication style is Friendly, Honest and Upfront – this is welcomed by his host of loyal customers and candidates. HR Managers and alike appreciate not having to deal with someone who ‘beats around the bush’ or sends endless emails because this saves them substantial time and effort during the recruitment process; after all isn’t that one of the fundamental benefits of outsourcing your recruitment to the experts.

Enjoying his new flexible working, Matt comments:

“Remotely working is becoming the norm and for me I make it successful by wisely choosing how I spend my working time. Prioritising workloads becomes more important to ensure I remain agile and productive. We still have regular team catch-ups so I feel connected to my work mates.”  

If you’re looking for a smart, self-motivated, recruiter who avoids the fluffy stuff and concentrates on the job in hand – call Matt on 01256 799127, email  Connect to Matt on LinkedIn

Tracy Fisher

Tracy joined Wote Street people and the recruitment industry over 8 years ago. Her HR background provided the perfect foundation to carve a successful career in recruitment. Frustrated with the ‘hard sell’ agency approach she’d experienced first-hand, she was initially attracted to Wote Street People because their culture is people-led and matched Tracy’s need to offer a consultative approach to recruitment; recruitment is about getting it right for candidates and customers.

A natural problem-solver, Tracy takes the time to get to know her customers and how they work. Finding a good cultural fit is one of the most satisfying aspects of her role, particularly if she can deliver a candidate who has skills that offer something extra to the company.  For example, she placed a very experienced candidate into a packing role on a temporary basis.  He had planning and logistics skills which were desirable to the company. Seeing the candidate’s potential, the employer has since made him permanent.

Always looking for different and better ways of doing things, Tracy has adapted well to Wote Street People’s flexible working initiative which has been born out of lockdown.  No two days have ever been the same in Tracy’s Wote Street People world; flexible working has made Tracy’s days even more dynamic.  No longer confined to standard office hours, one example of flexible working success is that candidates can now arrange to speak to or virtually meet Tracy at the most convenient times such as before or after work.

You are Tracy’s ideal customer if you’re willing to invest the time in getting recruitment right. That means allowing Tracy to get to know you, your company and your company culture.  You’ll be open to suggestions and appreciate how certain situations can add value.  For example, a customer who has previously not been open to flexible ways of working, can benefit greatly from being prepared to look at candidates who need flexibility e.g. a wider pool of experienced candidates and a more committed workforce.

If you’re a candidate seeking a new job or looking to switch careers or industries, Tracy is your ideal recruitment consultant if you will value support and take on job coaching or career advice that will improve your chances of landing the perfect role.  She’ll provide the best service to you if you take the time to do your research about the role, the company and you turn up punctually and well prepared for your interviews. It puts a smile on Tracy’s face when candidates come back and say ‘thank you for your help’ – this recognition of a job well done makes being a recruitment consultant Tracy’s perfect job.

“The team at Wote Street People are the same people that were there the day I joined.  They have become like a work family.  Plus, the flexibility and the work life balance suit me perfectly, and mean they also get the best out of me.”

Contact Tracy on 01256 799127 if you value a consultative-led approach to recruitment and feel a HR background will add value to your relationship.   Candidates will appreciate Tracy’s wisdom and support through the recruitment process.  Tracy’s email is  Connect via LinkedIn

Madelaine Allen

Reliability is one of Madelaine’s key strengths.  Coupled with her ‘to the point’ communication style, she ensures she offers a friendly, productive and professional service throughout the recruitment journey for all customers and candidates.

Being with Wote Street People for 12+ years, Madelaine has a host of loyal customers that choose to work exclusively with her because they trust that she only sends the right candidates, keeps all parties in the loop and will see the placement through from start to finish.

You fit the bill as Madelaine’s ideal customer if you’re a medium-sized organisation with good work ethics – that includes treating staff fairly.

For candidates, Madelaine will be honest and negotiate on your behalf to get the best package for role that suit your skills, ability and personality. She takes time to get to know her clients well and for you it means she can fully prep you for interviews, increasing your success at interview stage.  What’s more Madelaine will only send you for roles where there is a good culture fit too.

Flexible working suits Madelaine, her customers and candidates.  She’s more available because her hours are not set in stone, so she’s flexible to chat and discuss out of standard office hours.  Out of work, Madelaine’s always been a keen runner, and now if the day becomes a little stressful, Madelaine puts on her trainers and goes for a run – returning to her desk refreshed, with a clear mind to start again with a happy face. 

Says Madelaine: “Absolutely love working at Wote Street People because of the people and what we stand for. We’re not just recruitment we genuinely care. I class the entire team as friends as well as my work colleagues. We laugh a lot and you need that!”

Make Madelaine your recruitment consultant of choice if you value a too the point communication style and someone that’s going to take an holistic approach to finding you the right job or the best candidates. Contact Madelaine on 01256 799127, email or connect via LinkedIn


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