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Could a long-distance work relationship be your perfect match?

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With Valentine’s Day happening this month, who’s in the mood for romance…or a peachy new job at least?

Maybe you’re hiring and getting tired of looking for candidates in all the wrong places?

Some might say that working in a recruitment agency is akin to working in a dating agency, and we’d be inclined to agree. Whether we’re helping local companies fill job vacancies in Basingstoke or helping candidates find permanent, temporary, part-time or full-time roles – we love to play the match maker.

In 2021, we’re pointing our cupid’s arrow in some interesting new directions…

Going steady with virtual technology

One trend that’s definitely hot right now is remote working. Partly because of necessity (COVID lockdowns) but also because of possibility – in the form of technology.

Many businesses have been flirting with remote working on some level for years – but the events of 2020 have forced almost all to go steady. Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp and other platforms have enabled a virtual dialogue when people so often can’t meet face to face.

As we embrace new methods of communicating and working, many of us are realising that where we physically are on the geographical map is becoming less and less significant. All this remote working tech has opened our eyes…

We could work anywhere! Recruit from anywhere!

Plenty of fish in the sea

Lots of businesses are operating from virtual offices now, including Wote Street People. If you’re looking for a job, the rise of companies going totally remote means you could be living in the Shetland Islands and yet still apply for jobs in Basingstoke.

If you’re recruiting, your candidate pool is suddenly much bigger and you’ll have access to a wider range of skills and personalities than ever before.

Either way, remember that Wote Street People is a member of TEAM (the largest network of independent recruiters in the UK), so we have visibility of a wider network of temporary and permanent job opportunities and candidates across the whole country.

Affairs from afar – the benefits

Distance is a concept we’ve all become very familiar with. Whereas we do look forward to the day when we can all fall into the arms of loved ones again, in the world of work and recruitment distance isn’t necessarily something we want to ‘swipe left’ on.

For those with caregiving and childcare responsibilities, working from home can offer the flexibility to follow a career path that might have been trickier when it had to be done Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm with a commute either side.

Mobility issues can present a challenge for companies and candidates alike. Imagine you find your dream recruit or job but the office is based in a building without adequate access, one that can’t be modified? The increase in remote working opportunities removes barriers like these.

International companies can sometimes struggle to recruit the multilingual people they need in the area in which their office is based. Now, there’s potential access to a whole world of different languages.

The scope of remote working can also help wonderful working relationships last for longer. If valuable staff want to relocate, they don’t necessarily have to say goodbye. They can be a digital nomad and continue to work for the organisation from their new home, wherever that may be.

It’s ok to have a few reservations

Although there are many benefits of a long-distance employer/employee relationship, there could be some elements where you might wonder if it could get tricky, or leave you feeling confused or unfulfilled from across the miles.

How will you sense if there’s the right chemistry between you at interview stage? Is it possible to read essential non-verbal cues in a virtual setting? How will you navigate inductions, training and performance management at a distance? Can managers and teams really bond and work efficiently via technology alone?

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be like a blind date. We’ll be exploring some of these important questions in future blog posts.

Listen, consult, and care – the Wote Street People approach

Unlike romantic love, there is a manual (of sorts) for this new world we’re working in, in the form of our established team of recruitment consultants. We’ve got the experience to help match the best people with the right jobs though a careful search, assessment and selection process.

We don’t just fire our arrow any which way and hope for the best. We want to help our clients find true compatibility, for where they or their business are on their journey right now. For some, that’s a permanent post. For others, it’s something with less commitment such as temping.

Asking open questions lets us explore and evaluate those needs with clarity and insight, not guesswork or assumptions. We’re not interested in a clumsy fling.

Even when we might be physically apart, conversation and collaboration enable us to map out aspirations and move forward on the right path, together.

Make a virtual date with us to talk about filling or finding jobs in Basingstoke. Just give us a call on 01256 799 127 or email

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