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Let’s talk about The C Word

Careers! Everybody’s talking about them, especially to the younger generation. Combined with the tsunami of other messages teenagers are receiving every nanosecond (and that’s just on social media), you can’t blame them for feeling a little overwhelmed.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” can sometimes feel like the hardest question of all time – but the good news is, life’s not an exam and there’s no wrong answer.

That doesn’t mean it’s not worth researching and revising for it though, so to speak. But knowing where to start can feel difficult.

Fortunately, there’s new careers vodcast available on YouTube called The C Word, created and hosted by two local employers who work with Basingstoke schools – one of whom is our very own Maxine Hart from Wote Street People. The other is Judith Moule, Director and Apprenticeship Ambassador from Educate Train Achieve (ETA).

Please welcome your hosts

As well as being an experienced recruitment consultant and careers advisor, Maxine offers her expertise, free of charge, as an Enterprise Advisor (EA) for The Careers & Enterprise from EM3. She is the EA Cranbourne school in Basingstoke; preparing  local 11-16 year-olds for working life through a combination of employer visits, mock interviews, skills/career days and student talks.

Judith is a major champion of learning, demonstrated by the passion and enthusiasm with which she runs the Apprenticeship Advisory Service offered by ETA, who also run The Kickstart Scheme. This provides funding to create new job placements for 16- to 24-year-olds on Universal Credit who are at risk of long-term unemployment. Like Maxine she works with The Careers & Enterprise from EM3 and is the Enterprise Advisor (EA) for The Aldworth School, located in Basingstoke.

A careers journey

The C Word vodcast aims to help parents encourage and empower their children to think broadly and talk openly about career choices, setting them on a path that’s truly right for them.

Maxine and Judith are passionate about supporting young people into employment and they would like you to join them in a relaxed but informative conversation, so that YOU can have better conversations about careers with the young people in your life.

There isn’t just one C word

The vodcast is peppered with so much useful information regarding young people and careers. Perhaps the biggest ‘takeaway’ is that there isn’t only one C word – career – just as there isn’t only one route into the world of work. The are actually five C words:

“Careers conversations create choice and confidence!“

Let this be your mantra as you navigate the sometimes-choppy waters of helping young people set sail in the direction that’s best for them.

Five C words, Five tips for helping young people make healthy career choices

  1. Careers

The word ‘career’ means different things to different people. Indeed, lots of people have more than one career in their lifetime.

Some do it for money, some for travel, and some for the sheer joy of it. Discuss all the things a ‘career’ can be to find out what matters most.

  1. Conversations 

Use your personal network of friends, family and colleagues to facilitate conversations between your child and adults from a variety of careers, so they can get insight into what those jobs are really like.

Prepare questions to get a sense of a true day in the life in that role – all the grit and all the glory.

  1. Create

Think outside the box of what their best subject is at school or college. Map all their attributes on to potential career paths – and be creative!

An argumentative teenager could grow up to be a fantastic barrister, someone who regularly negotiates that 11pm curfew might be successful in sales, and a bookish loner is possibly the author of a future worldwide bestseller.

  1. Choice

A traditional career trajectory of school, then college, then university isn’t the only ticket to careersville. Everyone learns differently. For some, classroom teaching will get them where they want to go. For others, it’ll be apprenticeships.

Adventurous types may want to dive straight into a job to try some roles on for size, learning the ropes that way. Alternatively, they might be better off self-taught.

  1. Confidence

Many children experience a pressure to follow a certain career path because of parental expectations, family traditions, sibling rivalry, perceived geographic restrictions or imagined limitations based on class, race or gender.

Perhaps the most important C word is the ‘confidence’ to be honest about what THEY want to do in their working life. Show them that, whatever that might be, it is always within their reach.

To listen to the 13-minute vodcast, click here.

For more information about careers advice in Basingstoke – at any age – please contact 01256 799127 or email

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