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Opening minds and opening doors: the benefits of outplacement service after furlough

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The UK Government Coronavirus Job Retention scheme ended on 30 September 2021 and organisations across the country will be deciding which roles are now redundant. The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (Niesr) predicts that 150,000 employees will be affected the end of the furlough scheme. The employees could benefit from support like outplacement after furlough has ended.

Being made redundant can seem like a daunting time in your life, but at Wote Street People, a recruitment agency in Basingstoke, our philosophy on redundancy has always been, “when one door shuts, open it again – that’s how doors work.”

Taking a positive perspective

Redundancy should be seen as a shift in the current, rather than a drought. A beginning, as opposed to an ending. One thing that might make it easier to see losing your job that way is the help of outplacement services.

If you are an employer, providing outplacement support to the people you’re letting go of demonstrates your loyalty and culture – the legacy of which might affect your brand image either positively or negatively depending on how you handle it. The morale of your remaining staff will get a boost when they see that colleagues are given the necessary support when they leave the company.

Outplacement explained

So, outplacement is a support service provided, and paid for, by some employers to help those they’re making redundant transition to new jobs.

This is outsourced to experts, like us! We can provide practical advice in the form of training materials and workshops, delivered in a combination of one-on-one sessions and group settings.

Topics we can cover include:

  • career evaluation
  • guidance and coaching on potential future career paths – progression, diversion, or retirement?
  • using more targeted jobhunting skills
  • developing and utilising networks e.g. friends, family, community, and ex-colleagues
  • CV writing
  • preparing for interviews
  • negotiating job offers

Programmes are never ‘off the shelf’ but rather built to suit you. They can last for a few weeks or months depending on the requirements and we can help staff at all levels, from junior roles to senior managers and directors.

The power of our community network

If you’re looking for outplacement services in Basingstoke, it makes sense to choose an agency in the same area. We have decades of experience with lots of companies in the region, which has forged strong connections and amassed vast knowledge of the various cultures and processes characteristic to each.

That means we can make introductions between the right people and organisations, not just help write CVs. It’s a much more personal service because we will know which companies in Basingstoke will be the best match for people in terms of skills and personality.

As well as our success with businesses in the area, we work with EPB and as enterprise advisors to local schools via Enterprise M3 to help guide and support people of all ages as they find their feet in the world of employment. Maxine Hart, Operations Director at Wote Street People, won the ‘Above and Award’ at the Place to Be Proud of Awards 2019 in recognition of the work she does matching local people with the right companies, and vice versa.

The awards were supported by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, Festival Place, and Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Louise’s story

Louise Newland is just one of many people we have helped with outplacement. Here’s what she had to say about what that experience meant to her:

“After being in the same job for over ten years, I found myself facing redundancy. Tracy and Maxine from Wote Street People introduced themselves at my workplace and showed me that there were other options.

“First, they asked questions about my interests and background, then they sent me various online assessments to complete to assess my abilities and identify my strengths and any weaknesses I could improve on. This helped match me with appropriate roles.

“Everyone in their team is very friendly and approachable – they’ll explain things clearly and keep you informed throughout the process. They gave me lots of useful information on CV writing and interview tips, including questions to help me prepare. It meant I was less daunted at the prospect of going for an interview.

“I developed a really positive attitude towards finding alternative employment and got my current role through Wote Street People. When I’m asked to recommend a recruitment agency, I always mention their name.”

Need outplacement services in Basingstoke? Just give us a call on 01256 799 127 or email to get started. 


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