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How and why staff leave your organisation is just as important as how and why they join in the first place. The kindness and generosity and you show when parting ways could become part of your personal, professional and brand legacy – so it makes sense to invest in getting it right.

Make redundancy a positive experience with outplacement support

Redundancy is one farewell scenario in which it is particularly important for team members to leave your business feeling inspired and empowered.

Outplacement services can help achieve this by providing those in redundant roles with the advice, tools, confidence and encouragement to progress with the next chapter of their working lives.

Why choose Wote Street People for outplacement services in Basingstoke?

Your organisation is one of a kind and each one of your employees is unique, so we don’t apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach to outplacement support.

Our outplacement experts will meet with your HR or management team to properly understand the circumstances around redundancy and learn more about those in the roles affected. That means we can tailor the outplacement service to suit the skills, experience and personalities of the staff affected.

We’ll also explore your company culture, team dynamics and working relationships to design personalised outplacement support that feels true to the way you communicate and do business, putting your staff at ease.

Features and benefits

Following consultation with you, we’ll create a bespoke outplacement solution to suit your requirements and budget, combining practical tools with guidance.

  • Flexible pricing with costs ranging from £250 plus VAT for an individual career coaching package, up to £1,000 for a group session for up to 12 people – choose what you need
  • Open, relaxed discussion gets to the heart of what people want from work and where they see themselves in future
  • DISC assessments identify drivers, barriers, and problem-solving abilities – raising self-awareness and facilitating constructive change
  • CV workshops help people collate a CV ‘wardrobe’ containing elements that can be fashioned to fit roles specifically, increasing their chance of an getting an interview
  • Preparation techniques equip employees with research methods and useful questioning styles
  • Interview role play familiarises staff with different interview types, building confidence e.g. assessment day, panel interview, competency-based, informal
  • Access to job opportunities via our close connection to hundreds of Basingstoke businesses, as well as jobs across the UK via TEAM, the largest network of independent recruiters in the UK

Sessions can be face-to-face or virtual and you can have as much involvement as you like – or simply leave it in our capable hands.

You’re a conscientious and compassionate employer, so let’s help people leave your organisation feeling valued and supported. Find out more about outplacement services in Basingstoke by calling 01256 236007 or email Maxine at maxine@wotestreetpeople.co.uk


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