Recruitment for IT and cyber security jobs in Basingstoke

Recruitment for IT and cyber security jobs in Basingstoke

Wote Street People is an established recruitment agency based in Basing View, Hampshire, and we will help you take the next step in your IT or cyber security career.

Are you an IT or cyber security geek?

Are you an IT or cyber security geek?

The UK IT and cyber security sector is worth billions of pounds – and it’s growing fast. As virtual communication, eCommerce, and remote working become the new normal for many people across Great Britain, IT and cyber security skills are in hot demand. Explore some of the roles we recruit for in the cyber security space.

  • IT support professional

  • Cyber security analyst

  • Data scientist

  • IoT (Internet of Things) engineer

  • Blockchain engineer

  • Business intelligence (BI) analyst

  • Cloud engineer

  • App developer

  • Machine learning engineer

  • SEO/SEM marketers

SQL aficionado? Best friends with bots? Cognos expert? Whatever your skill set, let’s talk through your qualifications and experience.

Most importantly though, we want to understand your personality, goals, and the type of company you want to work for so that you’ll be happy, as well as successful, in your new job.

Need to expand your IT and cyber security department?

A new world needs new skills. Remote operations, data management regulations, and an increasingly globalised 24/7 online consumer culture are just some of the reasons your organisation might need a stronger IT and cyber security workforce.

When you require the brightest IT and cyber security stars to protect and optimise your business, we will find you the talent that fits.

Talk to us about your requirements

Let’s talk about your IT and cyber security needs!


“This is the second time I have secured a permanent role with Wote Street People. I’m always kept informed and emails always responded to. The wage system is great lots of detail I can read. All very professional thank you very much to you all especially Tracy Fisher thank you for all your help once again Tracy.”

– Louise Newland