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What have you done today that your future self will thank you for?

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‘Self-care’ has become a term often spoken of and written about – but what does it really mean? Me-time and meditation? Bubble baths and beauty sleep? Yoga and yogurt?

As lovely and relaxing as all that sounds, self-care can also be about ACTION. More to the point, self-care can be about self-investment.

How you use your time and energy today will influence your success – and wellbeing – further down the line.

Pausing for thought

Lockdown has left a great many of us with plenty of time (if not energy) to think over the past year or so. How you spend your working day has probably come up in those thoughts once or twice.

Perhaps you work in a sector that has seen a decline because of the pandemic and you’re facing the prospect of redundancy…

Furlough might have given you the time to learn a new skill or discover hidden talents that you’re curious to explore as a career change…

Maybe your existential fire has been stoked and you’re thinking about a career that means more to you and fills you with purpose…

Scenarios like these can feel daunting but they’re a wonderful reminder to invest in ourselves for the future, which can only be a positive thing. But where do you start?

Life after redundancy  

Redundancy isn’t the dirty word it used to be. In fact, it can mark a valuable turning point in the lives of many people. If you love what you do, it might give you the push to take those skills to the next level in a new company or even a different sector.

Most companies will offer outplacement support as part of the redundancy process, such as the service offered by us here at Wote Street People in Basingstoke. Not only can we locate your ideal next job, we’ll help you improve your application and interview techniques to make the most of the opportunities up ahead.

Empowered by these tools, you’ll gain the confidence to progress your career and look back on redundancy as a new beginning, rather than an ending.

On the other hand, if losing your job has filled you with relief, is it time to go in a new direction? If you receive a redundancy package, it might facilitate self-investment in the form of learning and training in a new area.

One door closes, another door opens

It’s never too late to be what you ‘might have’ been! As career coaches and recruitment consultants, we’ve helped hundreds of people switch to careers they’re passionate about, such as archaeology, personal training, and accountancy.

Maybe you’ve used a furlough period to retrain but you’re unsure how the recruitment process works in your desired sector, so you need help to take the next step.  Investing in career coaching can give you a road map that will increase your chances of success.

What if your furlough achievements have been purely Netflix-based?

Don’t feel guilty. This is a pandemic we’re living in, remember? Not everybody is up for learning Spanish or baking artisan boules. There’s still time. There’s always time.

If you are unsure about job security after furlough, future-proof yourself by spending time researching new developments in your sector. Browse the internet. Watch videos. Join webinars. Attend virtual events. Follow industry gurus on social media. Connect with your peers and share knowledge.

You don’t have to spend all day on it – just replace some of that binge watching with few bitesize chunks of learning throughout the day. You will prove yourself to be more valuable in your existing role – and have something to tell potential employers if you need to look for a new job.

Apply that same approach even if your job isn’t at risk – but you’ve had a career rethink. Futureproofing yourself might mean using social media networks and online tools to learn the skills that will take you in a more fulfilling direction.

Building resilience

These are tough times filled with uncertainty and confusion, so it might just feel too hard to focus on learning and development right now. Perhaps your mental health means you aren’t quite ready to retrain in a whole new area or gear up for a senior promotion.

In this case, you might benefit from doing one of the free online ‘Personal Health and Wellbeing’ courses offered by The National Careers Service. Growth mindset, resilience, and self-awareness are just some of the short courses available in their virtual college.

They also offer a variety of online courses in professional, digital, numerical, financial, and IT skills that you might want to look into later.

When you wake up in the morning, try to imagine yourself in five, ten, or twenty years and take a step, however small, towards self-investment. The ‘future you’ will appreciate it.

We can help you invest in yourself today – to become your best self tomorrow. Contact our friendly team to talk about career coaching and finding jobs in Basingstoke that are right for you. Call 01256 799127 or email

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