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Where are they now? From litter picker to archaeologist, and letter opener to senior accountant

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One of the best parts of working at a recruitment agency is the success stories we get to witness and be a part of. Even after decades finding jobs in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas, the joy we feel when watching our candidates flourish never fades.

We could all do with a dose of positivity in these difficult times, so we’re going to be sharing more of those inspiring stories with you in the months to come.

This time, we’ll be hearing from former temps Bunny Waring, now a Field & Research Archaeologist (A.K.A. Archaeology Grrl) and Natalie Iacona, Senior Accountant for a fund administrator. They’ll be telling us where it all began – and where they are now!

If you’re looking for a job in Basingstoke, let their experiences show you what’s possible. Recruiting for roles in your organisation? These tales remind us to keep our eyes and minds open to the value of skills gained through temping.

Bunny’s story: Temping unearths a treasure trove of transferable skills

“As an archaeologist working in the commercial sector of construction, I needed financial stability between my fixed term contracts, but didn’t want to get permanently involved in a job that wasn’t part of my long-term career plan.

“I registered with Wote Street Employment Bureau (now Wote Street People) and after openly explaining my concerns, I was offered a range of temporary jobs with surprising flexibility. The pay wasn’t high but I had the right to refuse any offered work, without needing to explain myself.

This brought great peace of mind and meant that if any archaeological contracts came up, I could stop my temp work with immediate effect.

“This beneficial arrangement ultimately enabled me to stay flexible for the archaeological units which eventually employed me for over 15 years. Now, with 20 years’ experience as an archaeologist, researcher and educator of students in the field, classroom and online, I have realised there were other unexpected benefits of working as temporary staff.

“During my temping years, I accepted all manner of assignments from litter picker to kitchen porter, sales to data entry, production line to logistics management…and although I took on these roles for financial stability, what I also gained was a broadened skill set, directly applicable to my chosen field.

“Being outside, requiring great attention to detail, being competent at project and time management, meeting a diverse range of colleagues and target audiences, improving my IT skills, understanding legislation, and knowing when to use my initiative and when to follow instruction were all parts of the broad and varied skill set I gained from temping.

“Not only that, temping improved my confidence and competence, providing me with several advantages in the competitive and niche employment market of commercial archaeology.”

Natalie’s story: When curiosity and hard work meet opportunity, it adds up to success

“I graduated in 2010, with a 2:1 in Business Administration and Italian, from the University of Kent and didn’t know what on earth to do next…but I definitely didn’t want to be an accountant! One thing I did know was that I had to do something, so I signed up with Wote Street People in Basingstoke and started temping.

“My first temp role was part-time, doing admin, making the tea, filing, and opening the post. Over the two and a half years that followed, my temporary jobs included more admin roles, data cleansing, and packing everything from drinking glasses to nail files. In one job, I had the best summer meeting the most diverse and lovely group of people, some of whom I’m still in touch with today.

“Temping shows grit. It shows that you will do whatever it takes to get along in life, even when you can’t see a clear path ahead of you. Even though I felt lost back then, I’m glad I had the good sense to call upon experts like the team at Wote Street People. They were born to help you find your way! With their encouragement, I broke past old expectations of myself.

“Today, I’m a Senior Accountant for a fund administrator (it turns out I can’t live without the numbers, after all!). The variety of temp jobs I’ve had taught me worldliness, patience, and that it’s ok to walk before you can run. You can’t build on shaky foundations and because of this my current career truly grows from solid ground.”

Where could temping lead you?

Inspired? Temping offers variety, flexibility and an unbeatable opportunity to explore jobs and work cultures until you find the best fit for your interests, skill set and personality.

Contact our friendly team today to learn more about our temporary vacancies in and around Basingstoke. Simply call 01256 799127 or email


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