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    25 years in business:
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    At Wote Street People - People are our strength

    Helping you find jobs in Basingstoke and the surrounding area we are a recruitment agency located in Basing View, the town’s growing business community. Established for over 25 years, we have an excellent reputation within the Basingstoke job vacancies market, finding our candidates permanent, temporary, full time and part time jobs as well as providing organisations with quality staff.


    Looking for work?

    With firm, long-standing relationships with many companies in the area, use our friendly service to help you with your recruitment needs. In addition to our own job vacancies, as part of The Employment Agents Movement (TEAM), we have access to a wider network of job opportunities across the whole of the UK, from engineering and HR positions through to sales, hospitality and office administration jobs, both temporary and permanent.

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    Meet the team

    Meta Oxley-Vale

    Meta Oxley-Vale

    Managing Director

    Meta’s sales background alongside her previous recruitment experience was just the right combination to set up our agency 25 years ago. Her hobbies involve golf, with a handicap of 26 – that’s not including us four!

    Maxine Hart

    Maxine Hart

    Operations Director

    Maxine has been with the company for 12 years, and in that time, has progressed from temps consultant to Operations Director. Outside of work her hobbies include her collection of VW campers, walking and afternoon tea.

    Tracy Fisher

    Tracy Fisher

    Account Manager

    Tracy joined us after a career in HR and recruitment. Despite only 3 years with us she has moved from Registration Co-ordinator to Account Manager. In her spare time, Tracy counts her chickens and is partial to a G&T.

    Matthew Bennett

    Matthew Bennett

    Recruitment Manager

    Matt prepared for his role with us by firstly being a chef and latterly in sales, the pressures of both prepared Matt for the hectic recruitment environment. His life goal is to move to Cornwall (was it something we said?).

    Madelaine Allen

    Madelaine Allen

    Account Manager

    Madelaine joined us 6 years ago after a 20 year career as a barber; perfect preparation for a role in recruitment where you talk to people from all walks of life. Her hobbies are camping, shopping and something called Prosecco?

    Wote Street People Recruitment

    Why choose Wote Street People?

    • Extensive roles - covering all areas of employment in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas, from admin staff to sales jobs and hospitality vacancies to manager positions
    • Temporary and permanent job opportunities – offering long-term permanent job vacancies, short-term temporary jobs and flexible part time working positions
    • Emergency staff cover - in sickness and in health, good-times and bad-times, we marry the right people to the right job vacancy if you need someone in a hurry
    • Excellent customer service - an approachable and professional recruitment service in Basingstoke, with high levels of customer satisfaction
    • Well prepared candidates - ensuring the staff we provide are suitable and well-prepared candidates and, most importantly, will fit into your company
    • Local and independent - we are a job agency in Basingstoke, based in Basing View with free and easy parking! We are proud of our many long-standing and quality relationships with a large variety of companies in the area
    Our Basingstoke jobs this week: Graduate jobs, Engineering jobs and Telesales jobs
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    What our clients say about us
    After leaving a long-term role at a local company, I had been working with a number of nationwide recruitment agencies with very little success. I contacted Wote Street People and Maxine and her team immediately focused on my strengths and skills, not just my qualifications and experience. After helping me adjust my CV, I looked at the market with new optimism and within weeks I took up a new role at a much higher level than I had previously planned.
    Tim N Tim N
    The key benefit that Wote Street People offers is the ability to truly understand the role being sought. Not only the qualifications and physical skills, but also the understanding of the type of people and culture and how prospective candidates will fit into an organisation. This is a key reason as to why we use Wote Street People.
    Andy Cecil – Managing Director Andy Cecil – Managing Director
    The people at Wote Street People are really helpful and very friendly, they are driven and care deeply about the needs of their clients. Wote St. all the way!
    Rebecca N Rebecca N
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