Career Coaching

Career Coaching

To support our recruitment consultancy services, Wote Street People offers career practitioner services through their partnership with TEAM Career Management.

We provide 121 Career Coaching with a dedicated and experienced career coach who you ‘meet’ with for 3 x 60 minutes online sessions.  Get in touch for price.

Career practitioner services

Career practitioner services

We provide valuable insights into crafting an impressive CV and excelling in interviews. We’ll reveal the secrets of aligning your skills and values with your prospective employer’s needs. You’ll gain confidence by understanding today’s competitive job market and the steps to become “market ready.” By the end, you’ll leave with clear, achievable career goals and a customised action plan for success, with ongoing support available.

Invest in career coaching if:

  • Following redundancy or finding yourself without a job, your confidence has been dented and you feel overwhelmed by the recruitment process
  • Invitations to attend interviews for roles that interest you are limited
  • You are continuously unsuccessful during other stages of the recruitment process even though you feel you have the skills and acumen for the roles
  • Competition from other candidates is high in your field of expertise and you know you need to shine brighter
  • You’re ready for a career change or entry into a new industry, but unsure how today’s recruitment process works and how you can increase your chances of success
  • You work in a specialist sector and want to be coached so you can personally approach organisations about job opportunities
  • You wish to offer career coaching to staff members facing redundancy as part of the outplacement support package

What you’ll get

  • Discover what is most important to you when it comes to your next role and next employer
  • CV & interview tips
  • Learn the secrets of what is most important to your future employer and ensure that at every stage of the recruitment process you promote your skills and values to match their needs
  • Boost your confidence by understanding how today’s recruitment market works and what you need to do to make yourself ‘market ready’ and stand out
  • Leave the experience with clear, realistic, and targeted career goals as well an action plan to ensure you maintain momentum and keep on track – and we are here if you need further support

We take a mix and match approach, so you get what you need and not a prescriptive course. The coaching is tailored to you!

Next steps

If you feel career coaching would benefit you, please call 01256 236 997 in confidence and ask to speak with Maxine.

Alternatively, you can contact us via our contact form here, or email Maxine at

We can then arrange a convenient time to discuss your requirements and how we can help.

“I wanted to let you know that I was offered the job of Relationship Manager. I’m really excited to be starting a new role, it’s the new challenge that I need.”

“Thanks for all of your help and support over the last few weeks and months. I found it very helpful and would highly recommend you as a career coach to anyone.”


“I was fortunate enough to be part of Maxine’s 4 week coaching programme which was completed via Zoom. As I was looking to branch into a whole new industry and wasn’t sure what that was the coaching enabled me to approach my job search in a pragmatic way. Each session was focused on different elements and helped me pinpoint attributes that are key to my next successful career change. Maxine was clear and concise in her instructions and at the end of each session I felt positive and invigorated.”

Neil White

“Maxine helped me by giving me some much wanted and needed Career Coaching. She helped me to see what ‘personal branding’ was all about and how to apply that to my CV. As a result, I revamped my CV and, during the Covid-19 lockdown period, I got the second job I applied for using the new CV. It was a job that Maxine had pointed out to me. I can’t thank Maxine enough for all her help.”

Carol Bevis

“After I was made redundant I really didn’t know what to do or where to start.  I had been in my position for nearly 12 years and the thought of going back into the job market was scary enough but then add on top of that Covid-19 and the repercussions of an already hard hit country from Brexit and its aftermath.

“Then Maxine came to the rescue!  She introduced me to the TEAM Career Management redundancy outplacement services.  I went from being totally bewildered about everything to having a plan of action and feeling positive with myself.  One of my biggest issues is the idea of selling myself and they really put it into context and without telling me what to do, they helped me find my own route.

“I cannot express how much I recommend talking to Maxine. She is extremely good at what she does and I truly believe TEAM Career Management can help you find your own way.”

Jai MacIain