Hybrid working jobs have gained popularity in recent years, and the pandemic has only accelerated this trend. A hybrid working job allows employees to split their time between working remotely and working in an office setting.

It offers the best of both worlds, as it allows employees to enjoy benefits such as flexibility and the ability to work from home, while also giving them the opportunity to collaborate and connect with colleagues in person.

Aside from creating happier and more productive employees, hybrid working minimises disruptions caused by strikes, adverse weather conditions and train cancellations. Business can continue smoothly.

Flexible & hybrid working are Gen Z’s top priority

2023 SMRS research found that Gen Z (35%) prefer a home and office working environment. The two main reasons for this are saving money (38%) and being happier (37%). A flexible working environment enables the healthy work-life balance they are after.

Among the basic expectations of Gen Z from their employers, the fourth highest priority is the provision of flexible working hours, with 40% of them seeking this benefit.  Of the 54% who were offered a job in the last six months, 66% of them declined the offers mainly due to lack of flexibility and inadequate salary.

Impressions count

Consider the message that not offering flexible and hybrid working sends out to candidates. They may think that the working culture is dated and that boss is a micromanager – your organisation won’t be a nice place to work.

They may also wonder what else isn’t going to be on offer; training that supports progression of employees; how well mental health is supported or do the organisation scrimp on other benefits. A job is not just a job these day – employees want more.

Negotiation is the name of the game

If you don’t offer a hybrid working environment even though it would be feasible, think about why. Is it because you just don’t like the idea? You don’t believe people do work from home? Do you like to be in control?

Be open minded when it comes to negotiating the job offer. Can you afford to miss out on your unicorn just because your company demands five days in the office but the candidate wants to be in the office for four or three?

Maxine says:

In a tight recruitment market, it’s not always wise to discount candidates who may not fit your “ideal” scenario.  Flexible working can attract talent to your company, help retain them and also benefit your bottom line.  Many of our clients who have embraced hybrid working have noticed how much more focused people are, sickness levels are lower and attrition rates down.

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